About SICG DLDS and our Real Water Solutions

SICG DLDS s.a. is a Costa Rica company backed by SICG DLDS US, a management consulting firm for over 30 years. We decided to establish the distributorship of water solutions when seeing how incredibly simple and easy they are to operate. The technology has a great number of uses – from providing water to an individual house to providing renewable, pure resources for food processing, packaging and preparation at the commercial and industrial levels to providing a vital resource in an emergency!

SICG is the exclusive distributor of these units for all of Costa Rica though we sell and supply worldwide. We are a startup so at present, we are providing personal services in lieu of a call center. We feel that is best at least for the time being so that we can provide you with the information you need and recommend the best unit for your purposes.

Our home units, the Airmax and AquaPhere line are very easy to setup and operate on your own. Setup takes no more than 15 minutes! For our larger units for whole house or commercial/industrial installations, we are presently building a network of installers that will be available in North America, Central America and our base in Costa Rica – we will begin posting these soon. In the interim, we will work with you to ensure any unit requiring installation is done properly!

(844) REAL-WTR -- (844) 732-5987

+ 1 (704) 412-9143

US Address:
PO Box 456
Harrison, ME 04040

SICG - Real Water Solutions - Anywhere, anytime!

Pure water resources for home, office, resort, building, commercial and industrial use.

  • Renewable Resource
  • Emergency Ready Anywhere
  • Temporary/Permanent installation
  • No drilling - No trash
  • Green and Cost Effective
  • Best Prices Anywhere!