The AquaCube 500

The Complete House/Office and Commercial and Industrial Solution

The AquaCube 500 is an affordable solution for providing all of the water needs for a home or office. This is intended as a permanent replacement for a standard water source (city, well, etc.) and combined with tank storage, can easily provide for the needs of a family of four or more. For the standard office, it provides more than enough water for daily use.

It provides water up to 132 gallons (500 liters) PER DAY based on the relative humidity. Using a custom five filter system including UV sterilization, it provides an economical and useful solution for all your water needs for drinking and cooking. With the added benefit of dehumidification, this unit delivers pure, real water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water or piped in dispensers. Again, from thin air it produces pure water with no sodium, no hard minerals and zero contaminates.

The main benefit of harvesting your own water from air is that it's the safest, purest water you can drink and eat with. Do you REALLY trust that tap water?

Our price: $21,999 / 12,159,623 CRC (includes all filters and UV light)

The specs:

AquaCube 500
Production Capacity (86f/30c, Humidity 80%) 132 gallons/500 Liters
Storage Capacity 63.4 gallons/240 liters
Filtration 5 stages of Hot & Cold UF/UV filtration system
Frequency of Filter Change Once or twice a year depending on volume
Installation Required? Yes
On/Off Grid? Yes! Can be operated using a gas or diesel generator.
Voltage 380v (3 phase)
Frequency 50Hz
Input Power 10KW
Compressor Power Consumption 7.5KW
Working Conditions 15c - 38c/59f - 98f
Humidity 45%-95%
Refrigerant Type R22
Weight 560KG/1234.5 pounds
Dimensions 146(w) x 85(d) x 235(h)/cm.
57.5(w) x 33.5(d) x 92.5(h)/in.
Noise Level < 79db