The AquaPhere Z

Plain and simple for Home and Office

The AquaPhere Z is specifically for the home and office use and can run on either 110v or 220v power. It might not be glamorous but just the right thing for the office, factory or rental car waiting room. It provides both cold and hot water up to 7.4 gallons (28 liters) PER DAY based on the relative humidity.

Using a custom five stage filter system including UV sterilization, it provides an economical and useful solution for all your water needs for drinking and cooking.

With the added benefit of dehumidification, this unit delivers pure, real water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water or piped in dispensers. Again, from thin air it produces pure water with no sodium, no hard minerals and zero contaminates.

The main benefit of harvesting your own water from air is that it's the safest, purest water you can drink and eat with. Do you REALLY trust that tap water?

The AquaPhere Z pays for itself in under a year – in an office setting it can replace hundreds of bottles of water!

Our price: $1199 / 662,729 CRC
(includes all filters and UV light)
Buy two: $1099 / 607,456 CRC /ea.
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The specs:

AquaPhere Z
Production Capacity (80.6f/27c, Humidity 65%) 7.14 gallons/28 liters
Storage Capacity 3 gallons/11.66 liters
Filtration 5 stages of Hot & Cold UF/UV filtration system
Frequency of Filter Change Once or twice a year depending on use
Installation Required? No - ready out of the box
On/Off Grid? Yes with solar panels
Voltage 220v/110v a.c.
Total Wattage 1000-1150w
Cooling/Heating Wattage 500w/500w
Total Current 4.6-4.8amps
Frequency 50/60Hz
Working Conditions 15c - 40c/59f - 104f
Humidity 35%-95%
Refrigerant Type R22
Weight 48KG/101 pounds
Dimensions 40(w) x 40.7(d) x 111(h)/cm. 15.74(w) x 16.02(d) x 43.70(h)/in.
Noise Level < 60db