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How it Works!

Each unit works through a natural dehumidification process known officially as an "Atmospheric Water Machine". In short, it uses air filtered down to water which is purified and stored. The harvesting process is done by pulling fresh air through the unit air filter. This process captures the air’s natural moisture and condenses into droplets. The water is then pumped into a collection tray and purified through UV sterilization. When enough is collected it is pumped through the custom 4 stage filter system then further purified when stored. Always fresh and ready to drink!

SICG - Real Water Solutions - Anywhere, anytime!

Pure water resources for home, office, resort, building, commercial and industrial use.

  • Renewable Resource
  • Emergency Ready Anywhere
  • Temporary/Permanent installation
  • No drilling - No trash
  • Green and Cost Effective
  • Best Prices Anywhere!